Counter Depth Refrigerators – Making Your Kitchen Look Good

A nicely arranged kitchen where there is ample space to walk from one shelf to another is the best one. To make up more space in a kitchen, counter depth refrigerators are a boon. Without renovation, these refrigerators will add a new look to your kitchen.

What do you understand by a counter depth refrigerator?

Made to fit in the kitchen cabinet, these refrigerators do not jut out rendering an ugly appearance to the kitchen. Usually, the sides of an ordinary refrigerator protrude around 5-7 inches in the kitchen. Here are the five best counter depth refrigerators that you can plan on buying-


This sleek design counter depth refrigerator priced around $1899 increases the style quotient of your kitchen. There is a Twin Cooling Plus feature in this refrigerator that maintains the humidity level to keep perishable items fresh and juicy. There are also adjustable shelves in this Samsung refrigerator. Taller items can be fit in by flipping or sliding the shelves if need be. There is a touch button on the outside in blue color. This enables you to control the refrigerator settings conveniently.


Priced around $1399, this counter depth refrigerator has been given a depth more shallow to fit in better in your kitchen cabinet. LG’s special feature of Smart Cooling System maintains the best conditions inside the refrigerator. The Linear Compressor has a better efficiency in case of fluctuating temperatures. There is also a 4 Compartment CRISPR System. Being a certified Energy Star counter depth refrigerator, it also lets you save energy.

KitchenAid KRFC300ESS

Being the most affordable counter depth refrigerator at the price range of $1899, KitchenAid KRFC300ESS is 20 cubic foot with a French door. With LED lighting inside, every food item inside the refrigerator can be spotted. Sensors for the Extendfresh Temperature Management System maintain the appropriate temperature for all the items in the refrigerator. This allows the food to retain the same taste for a considerable time. The interior water dispenser lets you get the water in the refrigerator easily.

Samsung RF23J9011SR

Another stylish counter depth refrigerator by Samsung, priced at $2599, is a four-door flexible model. The refrigerator and the freezer both get a French door, however, the freezer at the right-hand bottom can be changed into a refrigerator, if the requirement arises. It also gets three different temperature zones to keep your food fresher and tastier. This refrigerator’s Ice Master is capable of producing 5 lbs. of ice cubes on a daily basis. The LED-lighting illuminates the inside of the refrigerator with lesser heat emission. There are also two crisper drawers that have the humidity-control feature which gives you ample storage space.


It is advised to buy a refrigerator according to the counter openings. In an ideal kitchen, the counter openings for a refrigerator is around 30-33 inches wide whereas counter depth items usually measure approximately up to 36 inches. This counter depth refrigerator is priced at $1199 and you can save $500 as compared to what is offered by other companies. Samsung has added a feature of twin cooling. The refrigerator and freezer have their own air compartments. This is helpful in keeping the food fresh for longer time periods.

Benefits of a counter depth refrigerator

The stylish models make your kitchen look trendy. The shallower depth inside counter depth refrigerators provides ample storage space. As a result, there is less bending involved to get a certain item from the shelves. The capacity of these refrigerators is better, hence, the shelves are wider and can accommodate a number of items. Additionally, a counter depth refrigerator is equipped with modern day technology such as touch buttons to control the temperature settings. A pull-out freezer drawer allows the user to access items in the freezer without any difficulty.