4 common things that affect vision

Quite a few things can cause bad eyesight, and one of these major factors is aging. However, there are some day-to-day choices we make and activities we partake in that slowly but surely impact our eyesight. This article discusses some obvious and not-so-obvious things that weaken our vision and force us to visit an ophthalmologist. Most of these causes are rooted in lifestyle habits and linked to preexisting health conditions.

Too much screen time
Sitting on the computer for extended hours is quite detrimental to eye health. The majority of the population spends time staring at their laptops, phones, or television. Screen pixels on the screen emit blue rays. While these rays are not as harsh on the eyes as UV rays, they have a better penetrative range and can end up causing deeper damage. Other side-effects of extended screen time include dry eyes, pricking of the eyes, strained eyesight, and headaches that can result in progressive worsening of the condition.

Rubbing the eyes
Rubbing the eyes can be an unconscious reaction for those dealing with dry eyes. It’s difficult to control the urge when allergies trigger itchy eyes. This can damage the cornea and increase pressure on the eyes. A better option is to cover the eyes with a damp towel to relieve itchy and dry eyes.

Not wearing sunglasses
We often end up treating sunglasses as a fashion accessory more than a necessity. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is equally essential to choose the right pair of sunglasses based on the protection they provide. For example, smaller framed sunglasses fail to provide optimal protection. Their UV protective ability determines the sunglasses’ effectiveness instead of the darkness of the shades.

Poor eating habits
Empty calories and food filled with additives and preservatives contribute to poor vision. It is essential to watch what we eat, especially if we want to improve our eye health. Since a part of the eyes is vascular, it is vital to have a heart-healthy food regimen to keep the blood vessels that serve the eyes healthy. Fatty meats, excess saturated fats, and sugary foods are all bad for the eyes.  Poor food choices can contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes, and the onset of macular degeneration, all of which are factors that impact eye health.